European Dimension in Latvia’s Independence Movement (1988–1991)


  • Jānis Taurēns University of Latvia



Europe, Latvia, independence movement, foreign policy, values


Accession of Latvia into the European Union and its successful functioning in this unique international organisation has created new themes for historical research. The concept and idea of Europe should be studied as a historical issue during different periods of Latvia’s complicated and difficult history. The period of the movement for national independence (1988–1991) or the so called “Third Awakening” laid foundations for the modernization and westernization of Latvia. European integration is one of the most important aspects of westernization. The current article is ­devoted to foreign policy and value aspects of Latvia’s Europeanization during the Third Awakening. Therefore, by analysing the existing sources of history new aspects can be identified.

Author Biography

Jānis Taurēns, University of Latvia

Jānis Taurēns (1969), Associate Professor at the Department of Archaeology, the Faculty of History and Philosophy, the University of Latvia, Doctor of History (University of Latvia, 1999). Editor of the volume “History. Journal of the University of Latvia”. Co-author of the collective monograph “Foreign policy and diplomacy of Latvia in the 20th century” (in Latvian, 2015–2016) and “Latvia of May 15” (2017, in Latvian). The research interests include history of Latvia’s foreign policy, political history of Latvia since restoration of independence, historiography of Latvian history.

Jānis Taurēns (1969) ir Latvijas Universitātes Vēstures un arheoloģijas nodaļas asociētais profesors. Vēstures doktors (LU, 1999). Žurnāla “Latvijas Universitātes Žurnāls. Vēsture” redaktors. Monogrāfiju “Latvijas ārpolitika un diplomātija 20. gadsimtā” (2015–2016) un “15. maija Latvija” (2017) līdzautors. Zinātniskās intereses: Latvijas ārpolitikas vēsture, Latvijas politiskā vēsture kopš neatkarības atjaunošanas, Latvijas vēstures historiogrāfija.




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Taurēns, J. (2018). European Dimension in Latvia’s Independence Movement (1988–1991). Journal of the University of Latvia. History | Latvijas Universitātes Žurnāls. Vēsture, (5), 117–128.

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