Publishing process

Two volumes are published each year, one by August and one by end of the year. Articles are submitted to the editor-in-chief.

The reviewer shall prepare the review within four weeks. If necessary, the term may be extended by two weeks.

Following the receipt of the review, the author has the right to improve the article within two weeks. If necessary, the term may be extended by two weeks. If necessary, the improved version of the article is approved by the reviewers. The editor mediate in the communication between the authors and the anonymous reviewers. In all stages of assessing the article, the editor may consult with the editorial board in adopting their decisions.

After reviewing of the article is completed, the article is submitted to the University of Latvia Press (hereafter – UL Press) for literary editing and preparing the layout. The author is asked to approve of the corrections introduced in the process of literary editing.

The editor, intercommunicating with the editorial board, may agree on publishing a special issue of the journal, dedicated to a particular topic or issue in history or closely related fields. A special issue of the journal is published in compliance with Code of Ethics and this Process of Publishing the Journal, taking as the point of reference the date set for submitting articles for the special issue of the journal.