Perception of Insurable Interest in European Insurance Law


  • Vadim Mantrov



insurance law, insurance contract, essential element of a contract, insurable interest, lack of insurable interest, validity of a contract, European countries, Latvia


This article explores regulation of insurable interest in insurance law from the European perspective in general and the perspective of Latvian contract insurance law in particular. At the beginning, the present article provides overview of regulation of insurable interest at international law and national law from the perspective of European countries. Furthermore, the article analyses essential aspects of insurable interest such as understanding of the concept of insurable interest both at the doctrinal (academic) level and legislative level; the person who shall demonstrate insurable interest; and time when insurable interest by that person should be demonstrated. The analysis is based on discussion of various approaches employed by different European countries and comparison with the approach of Latvian insurance contract law. This article finishes with conclusions following the discussion contained therein.

Author Biography

Vadim Mantrov

Dr. iur. 
Faculty of Law, University of Latvia
Docent of Civil Law at the Department of Civil Law Sciences




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Mantrov, V. (2017). Perception of Insurable Interest in European Insurance Law. Journal of the University of Latvia. Law, (10), 248–268.