Responsibilities of the Editor or the Deputy Editor

The editor or the deputy editor is responsible for maintaining ethical standards and high scientific quality of the papers admitted for publication in the journal.

The editor or the deputy editor evaluates the manuscripts before sending them to reviewers. The papers which do not correspond to the aims and scope of the journal are rejected already at this stage. The papers which require substantial changes to their language and formatting may be rejected as well.

On the basis of the received double-blind peer reviews, the editor or the deputy editor, together with the editorial board members, takes the final decision on whether to accept or reject a paper.

The editor or the deputy editor ensures that the selection of reviewers is based on their expertise.

In case of being informed about research misconduct (e.g. plagiarism, citation manipulation, data falsification or fabrication), the editor or the deputy editor or the publisher will deal with it according to the COPE’s guidelines on dealing with allegations. The editor or the deputy editor and the publisher will ensure that corrections or apologies are published if necessary.