Exclusive Licence

Hereby you grant the exclusive licence to the University of Latvia for the use of economic rights of the author in respect of the following work (hereinafter – Work) submitted by you to and accepted for publication in the Journal of the University of Latvia ‘Law’ (hereinafter – Journal):

/the title of the Work/

The economic rights of the author covered by the licence refers to all economic rights of the author including a permit to publish the final version of the Work in the Journal; to distribute and / or communicate it to the public in printed, electronic or any other format or medium whether known currently or appeared later; to allow the University of Latvia to grant licences to third parties; to allow the University of Latvia to deposit copies of the Work in online archives.

The present licence is valid for the full term of copyright (author law) throughout the world.

Hereby you confirm that the Work is your original work; it has not previously been published, is not currently under consideration by another journal, or if it has been submitted to other journal, it is already withdrawn from this journal; it will not be submitted for publication to any other journal; and will be first published in the Journal by the University of Latvia Press.

After publishing the Work in the Journal, you as the author of the Work as well as other third parties will be entitled to re-use the Work published in the Journal according to the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 licence.

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