Overtime Work Flexibility in Baltic States


  • Agne Kalson University of Tartu


Labour law, working time, overtime work


This paper gives an overview of how well the Baltic States have introduced the European flexibility policy in their overtime work regulations, to meet the goals of European Commission strategy “Europe 2020”. In this work, an analysis from the flexibility aspect is carried out, regarding how the overtime work in Baltic States is defined, what kind of restrictions have been established regarding the form of overtime agreement, time limits and persons, also what kind of overtime work compensation mechanisms are being used in the Baltic States. In the article good flexibility practice is pointed out, and the problem areas concerning overtime work are analysed. Additional suggestions are given, how the overtime work regulations in Baltic States can be made even more flexible.

Author Biography

Agne Kalson, University of Tartu

University of Tartu Faculty of Law
PhD Candidate in the University of Tartu Faculty of Law




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Kalson, A. (2013). Overtime Work Flexibility in Baltic States. Journal of the University of Latvia. Law, (4), 57–70. Retrieved from https://journal.lu.lv/jull/article/view/231