Superficies Solo Cedit in the Latvian Law


  • Jānis Rozenfelds University of Latvia


superficies, superficiary, construction, land, legal technique, principle, construing transactions, divided property, servitude, emphyteusis, fiction, dualistic system of property, enforced lease, dominium directum, Ober-Eigentum, dominium utile, Unter-Eigentum, farmsteads of collective farmers, nationalisation


The article is dedicated to the so-called problem of divided property, focusing upon the fact that in difference to the legal regulation, which existed in pre-war Latvia, the divided property in the current legal situation manifests itself as the existence of two independent and unrelated ownership rights regarding two different objects – building and land – within one and the same plot of land.

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Jānis Rozenfelds, University of Latvia

Dr. iur.
Faculty of Law, University of Latvia
Professor of the Faculty of Law




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