Critique of the “Juridical”: Some Metatheoretical Remarks


  • Rafał Mańko



critical legal science, the juridical, the political, law and critique, ideology


In the context of the renaissance of critical legal theory and in particular its growing popularity in Central and Eastern Europe, the paper aims at a preliminary metatheoretical enquiry concerning the identity of critical legal science. In particular, the paper enquires about the identity of critique as applied in critical legal science, as well as about the method and object of that critique. It also highlights the importance of the triangular relationship between the juridical, the political and ideology as the central theme of critical legal science.

Author Biography

Rafał Mańko

Dr. iur.
University of Amsterdam
External Fellow at Centre for the Study of European Contract Law




How to Cite

Mańko, R. (2018). Critique of the “Juridical”: Some Metatheoretical Remarks. Journal of the University of Latvia. Law, (11), 24–37.