Responsibilities of the Reviewer

  1. The reviewer assists the editor in decision making about the inclusion of the article in the journal as well as may assist the authors in improving the article.
  2. The reviewer should treat a manuscript as confidential proprietary information and does not use it in any way or disclose it to any third party, except for the editors.
  3. The reviewer is asked to evaluate:
    • the originality of the manuscript and its international significance
    • the selection and analysis of the theories and the appropriate citing of the sources
    • the choice and application of research methods
    • the analysis of the results and relevant conclusions
    • language use and formatting of the paper. See the Review form.
  1. The reviewer provides the author with constructive feedback which allows to improve their manuscript.
  2. The reviewer is obliged to identify potential plagiarism and inform the editor about such cases.
  3. The reviewer provides an objective analysis of the paper and formulates recommendations to the author(s) how to improve the quality of the paper.
  4. The reviewer should notify the editor about any unexpected delay of the review process.
  5. The reviewer should inform the editor about the conflict of interest prior to the reviewing process.